Did you know that health issues could cost a company $153 billion a year in lost productivity? Did you know that back pain issues account for 15% of sick leaves and have an annual impact on the economy of about $85 billion dollars? Thanks to the research and data from, The Kroc Center is designed to help lower the cost of loss productivity, increase employee work morale, reduce medical claims, and improve the quality of life for your employees.

Case Study

How Power & Tel improves their employees quality of life through the Kroc Center Partnership

The Salvation Army Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center of Memphis offers companies the opportunity to help employees reach their personal wellness goals through our Corporate Wellness Membership Plans. Plans are available for any business with 10 or more employees at a discounted rate. We encourage participation in programs and services that support a balanced lifestyle, resulting in a happier, healthier work-force.

Companies that join as Corporate Membership Partners are eligible for employees to receive up to 15% off the monthly membership fee and waived registration ($50 value). The company may fully or partially cover this cost or may assign the cost to the employee in the form of payroll deduction or direct payment to the Kroc Center.

For more information or if you are ready to join, call 901-729-8073 or email