Upcoming Events

The Kroc Center is home to many special events throughout the year—from concerts, to sports competitions, to class opportunities. View our upcoming classes and programs below.


The Kroc Center is accepting art entries for upcoming art exhibits. Artist calls are ongoing throughout the year. We are also accepting solo exhibition inquiries for 2022. If interested in participating in a group or solo show, submit a letter of interest and digital representation of your work to info@krocmemphis.org.


AIM TO MAINTAIN – Virtual Holiday Challenge

It’s that time of year again: Aim to Maintain! This year we will help you maintain over the holiday season, virtually. We will not be able to weigh you in and out, but we challenge YOU to determine your own goal for yourself, whether it is monitoring your weight, physical activity, limiting sugar intake, finding a workout buddy, or making time to get outside.
Why do we do an Aim to Maintain campaign over the holiday season? 
Statistically Americans and western cultures will gain an average of 1 lb. from mid-November to mid-January, and if the individual is already overweight then they are prone to higher amounts of weight gain. Though 1 lb. doesn’t seem like much, what makes it serious is that usually you do not lose that weight throughout the year. We partner with Baptist Memorial Health Care to help bring awareness to this and help you be mindful in your approach to your health and wellness over the holiday season.
Each week we will post tips and challenges via the Kroc Center of Memphis Facebook page. Complete the challenges and check-in weekly to keep yourself on track!
To be entered into the random drawing, you must:
  1. LIKE the Kroc Center of Memphis Facebook Page.
  2. LIKE the Baptist Memorial Health Care Facebook page(s) – Main page or Entity pages.
  3. Tag @krocmemphis and use #AimToMaintain in a post or photo completing a challenge on your page or story (Facebook or Instagram). You will gain one entry for every post or story we are tagged in per challenge, regardless of platform.

Holiday Hours: December 2020

  • Thursday, Dec. 24 | OPEN 9am-5pm | No Group Exercise Classes
  • Friday, Dec. 25 | CLOSED for Christmas
  • Thursday, Dec. 31 | OPEN 9am-5pm | No Group Exercise Classes
  • Friday, Jan. 1, 2021| OPEN 9am-5pm | No Group Exercise Classes

Mask Mandate – Shelby County Health Order and Directive No. 15

Dear Kroc Family,
As most of you are likely aware, the Shelby County Health Department has issued a Face Mask Directive in conjunction with a new Health Order and Directive No. 15. These changes will not impact your ability to visit the Kroc Center, but will require that we make modifications. In observance of the Mask Directive, Health Order and Directive No. 15, the following changes will take effect tomorrow, Monday, November 23rd at 5:00 am:
  • Masks must be worn at all times while inside the Kroc Center facility. This includes while exercising in classes, on both fitness floors, in recreational activities and all programs. The only exception to this interim policy is while swimming or showering in the family changing rooms.
  • The Hot Tub is closed until further notice.
  • Due to the potential health risks associated with wearing a mask and high-intensity group exercise classes, we have modified our schedule, which you may find here:
  • In-person Group Fitness and Virtual Fitness.
Due to the critical nature of the mandates, the Kroc Center will have a zero-tolerance position regarding wearing masks. Also, health screenings will continue to be performed on all people entering the facility.
Wearing a mask while exercising will be a significant change for all of us. Each individual is responsible for monitoring their physical exertion while exercising.
At present, there is not a definitive timeline associated with the Mask Directive, Health Order or Directive No. 15. It is safe to presume that these measures will last through the end of the year. We will certainly offer updates as there are changes that impact your experience at the Kroc Center.
Since the onset of the pandemic, our goal has been to remain available to our community, while ensuring a safe environment. We pledge to continue doing our part to be part of the solution.
As always, we are grateful for your continued support of The Salvation Army Kroc Center.
The Kroc Center

Kroc Academy – Virtual Support

The Salvation Army Kroc Academy is your childcare solution for virtual learning support. We provide a safe, clean, and caring environment for student learning outside of the typical classroom. For more info and to enroll your student, click here!

COVID-19 Response Updates


Dear Kroc Community,
We have enjoyed being able to once again see your faces in our facility. Even though we feel “You Belong Here” we have come to realize now more than ever that “Here” represents you, our community, and not just our physical building. Thank you for your words of support, acceptance of our new processes, and patience as we adapt to new systems.
As many of you know, Memphis and Shelby County began Phase 2 of the plan to reopen. In response, beginning next Tuesday, May 26th, we will be slightly increasing our capacity and making adjustments to our programming. Many of our safety protocols from Phase 1 will remain in place, only with minor adjustments. Our priority lies in both reducing the health risks for members, staff and all visitors to our facility and providing more opportunities for you to seamlessly access our facility and programs.

All programs implemented in Phase 1, both on-site and virtual, will continue in Phase 2, but here are some additions and modifications.
  • Capacity Increase– We have increased the capacity in our three fitness equipment areas to accommodate more visitors while maintaining safe social distancing.
  • Group Exercise Capacity– We have increased the capacity in our group exercise spaces. We ask that you still reserve your space in the class ahead of time, but if it is not full you may drop-in.
  • Fitness Equipment Reservations– Due to an increase in capacity and to allow for ease and flexibility to your visit, we will be modifying the way you navigate accessing the three Fitness Equipment spaces. Most facility hours we will no longer require you to make an appointment and you may drop in at any time. We will enforce capacity in all areas and continue our hourly cleaning schedule. The only exception will be on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9:45am-2pm. During those times we will continue doing reservation only sessions that begin at the top of every hour. This will allow us to accommodate both flexibility and structured times.
*Workout times should still be kept to 45 minutes. 
*If capacity allows you will be able to move between the three areas as desired. We will have staff at the entrance to all three areas to monitor access. 

Face masks must be worn when entering and exiting the Kroc Center as well as during closer contact interactions, such as the temperature checks or conversations at the Welcome Desk. We ask that you wear the mask or a face covering at all times possible, with the exception of active exercise.
Questions? Call 901-729-8007 or email at info@krocmemphis.org


Dear Kroc Community,


As we prepare to reopen our wellness center on Monday, May 11, the Kroc Center is adhering to the phase 1 framework and implementing the following safety protocols in an effort to reduce the health risks for members, staff and other visitors to our facility.


Single Entry/Exit: To help us maintain our safety protocols, we will maintain a single entry/exit point at our location.
Regular Temperature Checks: Both staff and members will receive temperature checks before being allowed to start their work shift or to check into the facility.
PPE for All Staff: All staff will be required to wear masks and other personal protective equipment.
Self-Scan: Members will be asked to self-scan to allow for limited contact entry.
Designed for Social Distance: All open areas inside the Kroc have been evaluated and redesigned where necessary to help ensure social distancing between members. Signage will be placed prominently throughout the facility to drive awareness of this requirement.


The Kroc Center appreciates your support adhering to the following safety precautions during this time:
Stay Home if You’re Sick: Members should stay home if they don’t feel well. The CDC and state public health officials encourage seniors and members of vulnerable populations, including those with underlying health conditions, to stay at home.
Be Ready for Temperature Checks: All members will have their temperature taken prior to check in. We will also ask you five health screening questions when you enter the center.
Plan Your Visit: We must adhere to set capacities for 45 minute blocks of time, so make reservations for when you plan to visit the Kroc Center for Fitness or Child Watch.
Refrain from Using the Locker Room: Changing rooms and showers will remain closed at this time. Signage will be posted directing you to the nearest restroom.
Bring a Towel, a Mask and a Water Bottle: Members should plan to bring their own water bottle and a workout towel per each visit. All members will be asked to sanitize their hands before entry at a station provided by the Kroc Center. We also request that members bring a mask and wear it whenever possible, especially in common areas where other members are present.
Keep Your Distance: Cardio/Weight equipment has been rearranged so that members can continue to keep social distancing standards. Equipment should always stay in the designated areas. Respect all signage regarding social distancing. Strive to maintain at least six feet between you and others whenever possible.
Expect Reduced Capacity: To ensure proper social distancing, our wellness areas will have a limited capacity of 25%. Active members can sign up for a 45-minute workout block by going to our website and clicking the link to reserve a spot.
Remember to Wipe Down Equipment: Please help us reduce the risk of exposure by wiping down all equipment, weights, mats, etc., with the provided cleaning materials.


To help us adhere to capacity restrictions and plan for proper cleaning of our facility and equipment, you will need to place a reservation for when you plan to use the space. Reservations begin at the top of the hour and last for 45 minutes. After the 45 minutes you will be asked to leave the area so we can clean. You may arrive up to 15 minutes before your scheduled reservation.
If you do not make a reservation, we cannot guarantee there will be space for you.
NOTE: We have moved fitness equipment around to new areas of the building to create more space between pieces of equipment.

Services Offered On-site:
Fitness Area 1– The main fitness floor. Treadmills, Recumbent Bikes, Weight machines, cable machines, Functional Training Equipment
Fitness Area 2– The third floor of the challenge center. Ellipticals, AMTs, Jacobs Ladder, Stair Steppers, Spin Bikes, Rowers, GHDs, Dumbbells, Medicine Balls, Slam Balls, Dumbbells, Bench Press, Functional Training area
Fitness Area 3– The indoor sport court. Free weights (barbells & dumbbells), olympic benches, squat racks, mats, functional training area, Rowers, Spin Bikes, Performance treadmills, bench press, squat racks
Fitness Classes
Child Watch Express– 45 minute classes of Squeaky Sneakers, Kid Fit, Story Time, or Arts & Crafts. For ages 4-12 only.
Lobby Workspace or Lounge Seating

Virtual Offerings:
Sunday Worship Services
Online Group Exercise Classes– Streaming free from our Facebook Page.
If you opted in to reactivate your membership you can receive at home weight equipment until we are reopened to full capacity.
Online Personal Training


Questions? Call 901-729-8007 or email at info@krocmemphis.org


Dear Kroc Community,
In light of the City of Memphis and Shelby County activating Phase One of the plan to reopen, the Kroc Center of Memphis will open our doors again to our community on Monday, May 11th. We will do so within the parameters set forth for our business as well as extra precautions. You may click here to find the details regarding the Back-To-Business Framework. We are excited to welcome you back into our facility and seek to do so in the most safe and intentional way possible.
Although we are reopening our doors, we will not be resuming programming as normal right away. We will adhere to 25% capacity restrictions, limit our program offerings and time allotments, structure time for additional cleaning, and more. Those details will be emailed to you in a newsletter next week to help you plan your Kroc visits accordingly. Included in that communication will be details regarding summer camp. Until May 11th, we will prepare for your arrival, continue to serve meals with the Mid-South Food Bank and Salvation Army Canteen ministries, provide the Kroc Academy free of charge to Emergency Responder and Health Care Provider families, stream our free live group exercise classes on our Facebook Page, as well as list virtual resources on our website.
Effective the week of May 11th we will be reactivating membership accounts that were still active when we placed accounts on hold last month. If you would like to contribute to our present services to the community, and pay for your month of membership while we are closed, you can do so by calling us at 901-729-8007 or by email at info@krocmemphis.org.


Dear Kroc Members,
As circumstances related to COVID-19 evolve, like many others, we have had to revise our plans accordingly. Due to the fact that member operations will remain closed until all applicable mandates are lifted, we are freezing all accounts and waiving membership fees until we are able to reopen. This waiver will apply to all memberships with an active or hold status. Any previous purchase will still be honored once we are able to reopen. At that time all current active and hold accounts will be reactivated.
Even though we are closed to members we are providing online group exercise classes free to all from our Facebook Page and website and are developing other options for you. We are delivering meals to the homeless through our Canteen Ministry and utilizing our building as a site for a Mid-South Food Bank Mobile Pantry.

If You Would Like to Contribute

All memberships are on hold, however, if you would like to contribute through your membership, you may contact us to reactivate your account. As a thank you for keeping your recurring membership active through our temporary closure, we’ll credit you a future month – equal to and matching your existing monthly membership fees.
If you would like to reactivate your membership, email us at info@krocmemphis.org or call 901-729-8007.


Dear Kroc Community,
Like all of you, we are adjusting to the rapidly changing circumstances related to COVID – 19. During this time, we have learned from local government, the CDC and many of you. Whether offering encouragement and support or expressing concerns, your stories have helped us better understand how we can do the most good for Memphis. With your help, we have determined that the following are our priorities.

Be Part of the Solution

  • We are doing our part to help contain spreading of the virus by closing member operations and allowing administrative staff to work from home.
  • While our facility is closed, we are in discussions with several agencies that may be able to utilize our building and/or grounds to offer resources to those in need within our community.

Continue to Serve

  • We are committed to continuing to serve you through our social media and online platforms. We will continue to offer fitness classes, worship services and are in the process of developing additional resources that we can offer you and your families. We will continue to communicate the scheduling of those offerings as they become available.
  • Our Kroc Church has the opportunity to serve meals to the homeless through our Canteen Ministry.
  • We are sharing more staff and resources with our Purdue Center of Hope, which is a long-term residence of rehabilitation and restoration for homeless women and children in Memphis.

Support Staff & Remain Prepared for Reopening

  • We have an interim compensation plan for all our staff and are doing our best to pay as many of them for as long as possible.
  • We are committed to reopening our doors as soon as local government and CDC guidance allows for increased congregating.

How You Can Help

As a church and non-profit organization, we rely on your donations, membership and participation in programs to sustain. Our most urgent need, and the best way that everyone can support these priorities is by keeping their membership active during this time.  If you pay on a month-to-month basis, that means you will need to keep your account active by paying in your online account or by calling us so we can take payment over the phone.
We are aware and understand that not everyone is able to do so at this time. Those that wish to cancel or put their membership on hold can do so by contacting us. We are still grateful to you for your support and encouragement.

For those that wish to donate, you may do so here.

The Kroc Center of Memphis
We are providing ongoing virtual resources to our members and community for free. A newsletter was sent out detailing these resources.
All programming has been temporarily suspended.
Our Spring Break Camp will be closed after Tuesday, March 17th, and following that time no public entry will be allowed. Our business office will remain open Monday – Friday, 9AM-5PM and you may reach us at 901-729-8007 or emailing info@krocmemphis.org. We are also active on our social media platforms – so connect with us there by following @krocmemphis on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.
As the next days and weeks develop we will keep you posted on when we anticipate returning to our slightly adjusted or normally scheduled programming.
In light of the national developments and rapidly changing conditions regarding the spread of COVID-19 (commonly referred to as coronavirus), the Kroc Center of Memphis has temporarily suspended all public programming and operations effective immediately.  As risks have increased regarding community spread of COVID-19 across Memphis and the Mid-South, we have considered all options and have ultimately decided to follow CDC guidelines to limit public exposures. As such, all activity, with the exception of Spring Break camp, will be suspended in our building effective Monday, March 16. Spring Break Camp will be held March 16-17 only.

There’s always something to do!

The Kroc Center offers a variety of daily and weekly classes. Click through our Program Guides to learn more.

Check out the Fitness Program Guide for FREE PASS SATURDAYS & FITNESS LAUNCH dates – these are even open to the public! We are open our normal operating hours, unless otherwise posted. For HOLIDAY CLOSURES, please view the Membership Program Guide. And for up-to-date text alerts regarding cancellations, closures, or changes, text NEWS to 51555.

You can also follow us on social media @krocmemphis, and register for our newsletter at the bottom of our website.