1. Gym bags are to be stored in a locker and are not permitted on exercise floor.
  2. Lockers are provided on a per visit basis only and are not to be kept overnight. You should bring your own lock and key.
  3. Proper, freshly laundered gym attire is required. No clothing which contains rivets, hooks, studs, or zippers (for example, jeans). Shirts must cover chest, stomach, and back. Closed toe, athletic shoes must be worn at all times. Torn or cut off clothing, shirts with large arm-holes, flip-flops, aqua shoes, sandals, bare or stocking feet are unacceptable on the workout floor.
  4. Be considerate of others, take your phone calls outside.
  5. Personal Training Services are to be provided by Kroc Center Personal Trainers only.
  6. Wipe down machine/bench before and after use.
  7. Return all plates, barbells and dumbbells to rack after use.
  8. Do not drop or bang free weights, machine weights or dumbbells.
  9. No food in exercise areas. Drinks are only allowed in plastic spill proof bottles.
  10. No chalk allowed in facility.
  11. Do not stand on exercise benches.
  12. Do not move equipment.
  13. No foul language.
  14. No running or horseplay in fitness area.
  15. Members may not bring their own exercise equipment into facility.
  16. Spring collars must be used with all bars in free weight lifting. Spotters are strongly suggested.
  17. No Children under 12 are allowed in exercise areas.
  18. NO SMOKING or chewing gum in fitness area.
  19. The Kroc Center is not responsible for any personal belongings lost, stolen, or left in fitness center.
  20. 30 minute limit on cardio machines if people are waiting. First come, first serve basis. Please sign up on the waiting list with the fitness attendant.
  21. No resting or sitting on machines unless you are actively using the machine.
  22. Towels will not be provided to members, they should bring their own.
  1. The fitness attendants will provide information on how to use the equipment along with the part of the body that is being used; this may include such things as how to adjust the seat, the weight stacks using the pin, and how to program the cardiovascular equipment.
  2. Only portable headphone devices are permitted
  3. Power and Olympic style lifting is prohibited.
  4. Guests and members are encouraged to wear the treadmill safety clip.
  5. Guests using cardiovascular or strength equipment in an unsafe manner will be instructed on appropriate techniques or procedures.
  6. All new members may receive a fitness assessment and general exercise planning appointment with a fitness attendant, consisting of both a cardiovascular equipment introduction and general exercise resistance introduction on 4-10 machines. Beyond that, the member or guest needs to be directed to a personal trainer.
  7. Equipment checkout is available at the fitness desk. The guest’s ID or membership card will be kept at the desk and will be returned when the equipment is returned. Guests are responsible for repair or replacement costs for equipment they have damaged or lost.


  1. All participants must place their personal belongings in the lockers.
  2. Equipment and weights should not be dropped or mishandled and may only be used during appropriate group exercise classes.
  3. All equipment must be returned to original location after class.
  4. All equipment malfunctions and maintenance needs should be reported to the Kroc Center staff.
  5. Users of the group exercise room must comply with all instructions given by the staff; the Kroc Center staff has the authority and responsibility to direct individuals not abiding by the policies or creating a disruption, to leave the facility.
  6. The capacity for the Group Exercise room is 40.
  7. The capacity for the Spin Room is 25.
  8. The capacity of the Fitness Studio is 22.