Stay connected with us via our virtual programming!

Below you will find resources to help keep you connected to your favorite instructors while our building is closed. This page is updated daily, so please continuously check back for more classes – the best part? We will leave these online for FREE! Like and follow us on Facebook for more community involvement and join in on the fun – live!

Even with our doors closed – #YouBelongHere

Download our Fitness Virtual Schedule

Silver Sneakers Classic with Rehana 3/27/20

HIIT with Khalid 3/27/20

HIIT with Hannah 3/28/20

HIIT with Megan 3/26/20

Silver Sneakers Classic with Christina 3/25/20

Beginner Yoga with Liz 3/24/20

30-Minute Cardio HIIT with Melissa 3/19/20

30-Minute Core with Hannah 3/20/20

SS Classic with Liz 3/16/20

30-Minute Meditation with Re 3/20/20

Kids Yoga with Re 3/17/20

Yin Yoga with Rebecca 3/25/20

Seniors Yoga with Pauls 3/26/20

Cardio HIIT with Diane 3/30/20

Mat Pilates with Jen 3/28/20

Dance with Lydai 3/27/20

Vinyasa Yoga with Rehana 3/17/20

HIIT with Khalid 3/23/20

SS Classic with Liz 3/18/20

Cardio, Strength and Core with Diana 3/23/2

Barre None with Rehana 3/18/20

Silver Sneakers Classic with Liz 3/30/20

Seniors Yoga with Pauls 3/17/20

Seniors Yoga with Kris 3/19/20

Barre None with Re 3/21/20

Silver Sneakers Classic with Katie 3/23/20

BodyCombat with Randi 3/30/20

Holy Yoga with LIz 3/31/20

Grit with Megan 3/31/20

Grit with Khalid 3/30/20

BodyPump with Megan 4/3

Meditation with Rehana 4/1

Holy Yoga with Liz 4/2

Seniors Yoga with Pauls 4/2

Les Mills Dance with Lydia 4/2

BodyCombat with Tara 4/3

Vinyasa Yoga with Rebecca 3/31

Barre None with Rehana 3/31/20

Grit with Hannah 4/4

Seniors Yoga with Pauls 3/31

BodyCombat with Tara 4/4

Cardio HIIT with Diane 4/6

BodyFlow with Tara 4/4

Grit with Khalid 4/3

Silver Sneakers with Liz 4/6

Silver Sneakers with Liz 4/1